For over 30 years now I have been selling firearms and accessories, along with offering advice (hopefully most of it useful!) to both skilled and inexperienced shooters. As a Registered Firearms Dealer I am able to supply the majority of makes of popular sporting rifles, shotguns, telescopic sights, sound moderators, ammunition, reloading components...... and most other items that you might require to go shooting!


Typically I would suggest acquiring a rifle from a well-established manufacturer, with a reputation for solid dependability and out-of-the-box accuracy. Combine this with a popular calibre, and you should find yourself with a good selection from which to choose. With these factors in mind when making your purchase, you should be confident of good ammunition availability and a strong residual value.

I have been using & selling Swarovski Optik products for many years, for the last seven of which I have had the honor of working more closely with the company, in the capacity of Shooting/Hunting Consultant to Swarovski Optik UK.

I actively deal with Swarovski optical products, and often have second-hand stock of barely used 'scopes and binoculars at very attractive prices. If you are looking for top quality stalking optics, it may be worth your while getting in touch with me!

Needless to say, all my rifles are equipped with Swarovski 'scopes, and I use EL and EL Range binoculars for all my stalking and hunting activities.

However, please don't get the impression that, when it comes to optics, I only sell Swarovski. If there is any other brand of telescopic sight or binocular that I may be able to help you with, please let me know.