Working Towards the Swarovski dS Launch

When a company with the worldwide reputation of Swarovski Optik announces a major new product, secrecy and behind the scenes work in the build-up to the launch is of paramount importance.

So here is a short insight into a small but vital part of how Swarovski went about preparing for the launch of the dS digital rifle scope at the IWA trade show, Nuremberg, Germany, in March 2017.

Paul Innes, Swarovski Optik Uk’s representative for Scotland and Ireland was approached by headquarters in Absam, Austria, as far back as May 2016, asking whether he would be interested in a starring role on the dS launch programme. This was finalised in June, giving Paul enough time to grow a suitably rugged beard before photography started in September.

Venue for the promotional stills and video was the breathtakingly beautiful Benmore Estate, Isle of Mull. In all, ten days were spent on site, with action man Paul in the thick of it.

After that Paul, a naturally communicative fellow, had the difficult task of ‘keeping shtum’ for nigh on six months: a task with which he coped admirably.

The finished product is, of course, primarily aimed at would-be customer recognition of the fantastic new product that the dS scope represents. Nevertheless, this excellent film goes quite some way in portraying the mystique of deer stalking.


  • For those wanting to know: Paul’s rifle was a Sauer 404 XT Synchro in .308
  • Paul assures me that no makeup artist was required during filming!

32,000 acre Benmore Estate offers fantastic stalking and fishing opportunities, with Lodge or self-catering cottages accommodation.
Visit the estate website:

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