Uphill or Downhill Shots

How Swarovski’s EL Range binocular SwaroAim gives your Corrected Shooting Distance

If you are hunting in a hilly or mountainous environment, there’s a fair chance that you are going to be taking shots at either uphill or downhill angles, some of which might be quite severe. In such a situation, it is important to understand that what you see is not what you get!

Once you have squeezed the trigger and the bullet has left the barrel, its flight (trajectory) is governed by the pull of gravity.

Let’s take a look at the sort of cartridge that you might be using for a mountain hunt, Norma’s .300 Win Mag with the Barnes 150 TSX bullet. Norma’s ballistic data shows, when zeroed at 100 metres, that drop at 200m will be 83mm, and at 300m will be 308mm.



This graphic illustrates the importance of understanding how these angles will affect your bullet trajectory in relation to the height of your target, either above or blow your shooting position. In this case, the stag is 125m below the shooter, but the calculation would be identical if the beast was 125m above the shooter.

Swarovski’s EL Range binocular can be set up in three different range-finding modes. The basic, and all you need when shooting at shortish distances on flat ground, just shows you the true ‘line-of-sight’. A second mode shows you both ‘line-of-sight’ and the angle above or below you, between horizontal and your target. The third, which is indispensable for those hunting over longer distances & in rough terrain, shows ‘line-of-sight’ and, below that, the corrected ‘shooting distance’ – the range for which you should adjust your ‘scope.

Simple to set up, easy to use, and deadly accurate!

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