Fallow Deer Stalking

Here is an opportunity to enjoy stalking Fallow deer in the High Weald of the Kent and Sussex county borders. DeerStalker offers the chance for novice, intermediate or experienced stalkers to benefit from morning or afternoon/evening outings on one of the more picturesque estates in south-east England.

I very much regret that, due to existing bookings, it is very unlikely that I will be able to offer any further stalking opportunities for the 2018-2019 stalking season

Our Stalking Estate is predominantly managed woodland, both deciduous and conifer; but this ideal deer territory also encompasses large fields of registered organic cereal crops mixed with substantial areas of grass. All-in-all, an ideal environment for deer!

A regular morning stalking session would start just before daylight, with up to one hour sitting in a high seat or other vantage point. After that, approximately a further three hours are spent ‘walking-stalking’. The afternoon/evening sessions operate in reverse: around three hours ‘walking-stalking’, ending up with the last hour of daylight sitting up. This is the usual format, but if stalkers prefer more or less time in high seats, that can certainly be accommodate

Stalking Seasons:

Fallow BucksAugust 1stApril 30th
Fallow DoesNovember 1stMarch 31st
The Rut - Usually!end of Septembermid November

In keeping with the best principles of ethical deer management, the DeerStalker stalking programmes offer you the chance to shoot cull animals. From time to time we do take large bucks; but we are not after ‘trophies’, so any particularly good bucks are left to help improve the quality of the local herds.

Whilst we cater for those at any level of stalking experience, DeerStalker particularly specialises in introducing novice stalkers to this fascinating sport. For anyone intending to take the DSC1 course and exams, the DeerStalker ‘Introduction to Stalking’ will be an invaluable help. The following ‘Options and Rates’ information will give you a proposal of how a day out with DeerStalker might be planned. Should you, however, have other ideas, please feel free to contact DeerStalker to discuss them.

Fallow Stalking – Options and Rates:

Standard rate per Morning or Afternoon/Evening outing            £ 130

Included in this price: the chance to shoot one cull buck or doe
Additional cull animals charged at £ 50 each

The Rut: per Morning or Afternoon/Evening outing                   £ 180
Discover why the the days from the end of September through the first week in November are, by far, the most exciting of the season!

Prices include 20% VAT.

The Introduction to Deer Stalking‘ 

  • meet up to discuss deer, stalking, rifles, optics, ammunition and other relevant facets
  • adjourn to the range, where you have the opportunity to shoot with a stalking-calibre rifle
  • we then go stalking with, hopefully, the chance to shoot a cull fallow deer

Typically this initial Introduction will last about 6 hours, at a cost of £ 200. However, if there is any other format that you would like to propose, please feel free to contact DeerStalker

To date: over 160 people have successfully stalked their first ever deer under my guidance!

Gift Vouchers  –  an ideal Birthday or Christmas present for that ‘special someone’ with a love for the outdoors  –  & a perfect way of introducing people to the sport of Deer Stalking!

The carcass remains the property of The Estate; however the stalker has first option to purchase it.
Our current venison price is £ 3.50 per kilo (larder weight).