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RWS .308 Win. Short Rifle – hunting ammunition with HIT- or Speed Tip Professional bullet for short barrel rifles

More and more hunters have come to appreciate the advantages of a short and handy barrel. This trend is fuelled by the increased use of silencers, especially with the .308 Winchester calibre. RWS developed a cartridge hat tailored specifically for use in short-barrelled rifles. This means that shooting a short-barrelled rifle no longer means giving up long-barrel performance.

Advantages of the RWS .308 Win. Short Rifle at a glance:

Optimized for short barrels: The new RWS load is specially formulated for 42 to 55 cm barrels with a fast-burning powder, an appropriate bullet weight and a high-performance primer

Reduced muzzle flash: Our fast-burning powder significantly reduces both muzzle flash and report in shorter barrels. Now you can keep sight of the target at the instant the shot is fired, which is especially important when hunting in twilight or darkness.

The best choice when shooting with silencers: Short barrels are the first choice for use with a silencer. The complete combustion of this fast-burning powder within the barrel itself not only assures a significantly higher life expectancy for the silencer but also promotes tighter groups.

Full velocity and energy: Thanks to its special formulation, the new RWS cartridge delivers full velocity and energy – even from short barrels.  This means that you need not change your hunting tactics when it comes to a short barrel and that you can expect full game-taking power, even at long ranges.

RWS Lead-Free Ammunition


This brand new RWS HIT bullet was developed as a lead-free alternative for hunters who prefer to use non-fragmenting rounds. Despite this new lead-free bullet’s quick response, the expanding segment retains a stable mass. This guarantees deep penetration and reliable exiting even at high impact velocities and/or greater target resistances – such as hits on bone. The bullet’s superior properties fully come into play when used on larger game.

In contrast to a fragmentation round, the lead-free and stable-mass RWS HIT bullet releases its kinetic energy in the body of the target through 100 % non-fragmentation. As a consequence, you can get the most out of the game you take down.

As with all RWS rifle cartridges, the new HIT round also combines the usual advantages associated with our brand: it’s reliably effective, precise, causes less wear and tear on the barrel and is cutting-edge in design. RWS HIT Matrix – our cutting-edge bullet design:

RWS TC Tip (bullet tip with 2 hollow chambers)The innovative bullet tip from RWS HIT serves two important functions: Its streamlined shape gives it has an improved BC value and longer trajectory. That, in turn, means: higher bullet velocity and greater impact energy.The interaction between the two hollow chambers produces lightning fast expansion across the entire front-end of the bullet. That guarantees a high shock effect and ensures game is brought down on the spot.

RWS ACC (hollow-point bullet design)The Active Crater Cavity (ACC) provides for optimum absorption of the initial deformation triggered by the TC tip, which acts to further accelerate the deformation process. This results in perfect, fragment-free expansion with predetermined spreading immediately upon impact.

RWS HIT at a glance:


  •  lead-free hunting ammunition
  •  available in calibre .300 Win., .30-06 and .308 Win
  • stable-mass deformation bullet
  • deep penetration and reliable exit wound
  • high impact velocities
  • best preservation of venison
  • cartridge for strong game

Structure of the HIT bullet:

  1. RWS ACC (Active Crater Cavity) for actively accelerated mushrooming and high shock effect
  2. RWS TC tip (Twin Compression Tip): with 2 cavities for initial deformation and flat trajectory
  3. Nickel-plated, solid copper projectile with extremely high BC value
  4. Boat tail base for flexibility and in-flight stability
  5. Performance grooves for better delivery

RWS Evolution Green:

Both cores of the new lead-free EVOLUTION GREEN bullet are made of food-safe metal. The new lead-free EVOLUTION GREEN bullet is especially effective given its outstanding responsiveness. This is achieved through a specially pre-fragmented front core made of tin and the use of RWS’ new Speed Tip bullet points which enable an impressive shock effect. This will guarantee humane and successful hunting.

Even at long ranges, the EVOLUTION GREEN offers impressive killing effect. With conventional designs, there is a tangible decrease in deformation capability at long distances. Not so with EVO GREEN. Here, this effect is noticeably reduced thanks to the intelligent design of the projectile.

An optimised bullet form (high BC) and the speed tip ensure a flat trajectory with high levels of speed and energy.

The stable tail body ensures a guaranteed exit wound for reliable blood flow. The sharp edge also delivers the desired clean cut.


  • lead-free bullet
  • hunting ammuntion in calibre 6,5×55, 6,5×57, 6,5x57R, 6,5×68,.270 Win., .30 R Blaser, .300 Win. Mag., .30-06, .308 Win., 7 mm Rem. Mag., 7 x 57 R, 7 x 64, 7 x 65 R, 8 x 57 IRS, 8 x 57 IS, 8 x 68 S, 9,3 x 62, 9,3 x 74 R, 10,3×68 Mag.
  • realiable and fast responsiveness
  • Speed-Tip bullet point for maximum knock-down power and a flat trajectory
  • Sharp edge for cutting hair at point of impact
  • humane and successful hunting

Structure of the EVOLUTION GREEN bullet:

  1. Stronger jacket for a reliable exit wound
  2. Front core composed of food-safe tin with a radial pre-determined break point for reliable impact behaviour and high impact shock
  3. Speed-Tip bullet point for maximum knock-down power and a flat trajectory
  4. Thinner jacket for a fast, reliable response
  5. Sharp edge for cutting hair at point of impact
  6. Nickel-plated bullet jacket for increased barrel life
  7. Stable/Impact-resistant tail core of hard tin for extreme penetration